Mon Dieu!

Tous les semaines, ici weel be un peecture nouveau for you, ma friends! Ah know, you are a very lucky pile of geek type theengs.

"Ca, c'est ne pas une pipe!"

Having been exposed to radiation, Alphonse storms Tokyo.

Oh merdes! Alphonse - 'e 'as been exposed to the gamma radiation. Now 'e must fight weeth Godzeela to the death for some reason. Ah do not know why. Perhaps eet has sometheeng to do weeth hees masculine need for terreetory! Pauvre petit Japanese people! Run away tres vite! Save your cheeldren! Save your bodies!

'E ees a crazy man, non?

Everything on these pages belongs to moi! Ah weel send les boys round on you, eef you are naughty geek type theengs!