Oui! Ah am back again, mes amis!

Ah 'ave been on some more crazy adventures! Now ah can show you them. Thees week, ah 'ave been to Tokyo, where ah was exposed to some nasty stuff and tried to take over the ceety. Wild!

Ah am so glad to be out of the preeson, you know. Eet was tres horrible!

Ah am so 'appy, I could seeng! But I won't parce que ah sound like a, well a duck ah suppose... Ees no so good.


The ol' archives are right here. Oui! You leetle geeks can steel see the ol' adventures of me - The Marvellous Alphonse Le Canard! C'est vrai!

Canard du Semaine

'Ere is my new adventures! They are very funny and cool, you know! Ah just know that you weel like these theengs. Also, eef you do not, Ah weel hunt you down. Bad geek type theengs!

Join Me!

And now, for you leetle people, une page de submission.
Somebody 'as emailed me a peecture! 'Ave a look right now! Or ah weel send les garcons around avec un baton pointu! You know thees to be true
Now you can join een all the crazy fun, you know! Send me anytheeng you want by emailing "alphonse at jedimoose.org"! Images, ideas, questions! Eef ah 'ave the time, ah may even look at them. You are so lucky!

Everything on these pages belongs to moi! Ah weel send les boys round on you, eef you are naughty geek type theengs!